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Retail Scaleable software product offers many blended functionalities and enhancements newly added features

New features include:
  • Server Module based on robust Relational Database Model.
  • Covers general retail need industries.
  • Designer Module to design templates ( Optional ) recommended to obtain.
  • Notifications on limit boundary items.
  • Relational Database Support.
  • Modular can be added to other modules

FYDSoft Wholesale Package consists of the following modules:

  • Inventory Management
  • Automated Order Processing
  • Demand Planning
  • Sales Teams Management
  • Assembly / Repackaging
  • Purchasing
  • Banks
  • Expenses

  •        Simple Account Manager

                   Or Optionally

  •        Accounting Module
  •        Bank Reconciliation Module
  •        Assets Module

for more information kindly contact us through the contact us page.
Please contact your local authorized FYDSoft Business Partner for more information and prices.
Customers should contact a Sales Representative closer to their area to offer a proper bid and additional support of customized features if required
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Restaurants Table & Reservation
Pizza & Fast Joints & Juice Shops
Hypermarkets & Super Stores
Laundry Pro
Retail Business
Wholesale Business
Chain Outlets
Boutique & Wholsale Clothing
General Inventory