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Laundry oriented business mangement software

New features include:
  • Server Module based on robust Relational Database Model ( Hotels )
  • Covers, Small to large Laundry trends
  • Relational Database Support.
  • Modules can be included

FYDSoft Laundry Pro Software Package consists of the following modules:

Front Office POS
  • Easy to operate, greatly reduced training time
  • POS Keyboard OR Touch Screen operated
  • Payment also by Debit / Credit Cards
  • Cash box enabled
  • Track emloyees timings in / out
  • Works with all VFD and peripherals
  • Coupon, gift card
  • Delivery ( optional )
  • Compatible with any windows also Win 8

Back Office
  • Daily Sales tracking reports
  • Link to Journal Voucher
  • Many operational business reports
  • Account Management for large customers
for more information kindly contact us through the contact us page.
Please contact your local authorized FYDSoft Business Partner for more information and prices.
Customers should contact a Sales Representative closer to their area to offer a proper bid and additional support of customized features if required
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