Styler Studio Designer is a UI tool for desktop, tablet, website and Smart phones apps.
12 years of stability and funcationality makes it at the end of the day the best tool to be supported by many commercial software applications.
The tool offers many options and robotized software functions that saves time and money.

Can be used on new projects or to maintaine and modify existing apps.

Styler is not the only studio that FYDSoft made but also has in the area of robotic software engine that can be used to automate apps or control remote applications.
Also active in Image enabled software, Workflow, Form filler engine, detection modelling and other tools that gives add on to the Styler Family.






  • Apps for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android Phones
  • Tablets including iPad and MS.
  • WebSite Page Engine
  • CMS ready Tool
  • Host your application via Internet and links it to your base application
  • Your Hosting Designer, Including php 7, HTML5, CSS, Javascript etc.
  • Existing applications developed by Styler Studio Designer


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  • Customized Application and Report Builders
  • Image enabling your application
  • WorkFlow enabling your organization
  • Minimizing more paper usage, go green
  • Robotized Software Engine
  • Rental Based types available on some applications.
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Ready & Customized Applications


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